The most important day
in your life

How one photographer decided to capture
“The Most Important Day on This Planet”

Piotr Sobik

I’ve been watching people for over 10 years. Their behaviors, emotions and habits. I have made over 400 reportages and wedding sessions throughout Europe. I am also a fashion photographer. I work with the largest modeling agencies in Milan and London.

I have exhibited and published in photovogue.it, art & business Gentelman and others… In 2017, my photography received first place in the prestigious Leica Street Photo competition. I live in London, but I work traveling around the world.

Piotr Sobik



Most important
day in my life

I would like to examine, photograph and participate in weddings of different traditions and different cultures. 

Marriage in many cultures is a manifestation of financial status. I would like to examine this deepening difference in rich and poor countries. A wedding is also a manifestation of the social system and with an objective eye i would like to capture the treatment of both sexes in other than western societies. Let’s remember many marriages in the world are still arranged.

All the topics above would be posted then open for discussion on my social media platforms.

What does this project mean for me?

A few years ago I learned that I am suffering from a chronic autoimmune disease. This unhealthy disease is progressive and leads to disability. I learned that perhaps soon my movement and functioning will be significantly reduced.

Since then, I’ve been trying to make every day my MOST IMPORTANT DAY IN LIFE. I travel a lot capturing people in all aspects of life in all regions of the world.

At the same time I want to give hope and impulse to other sufferers that it is worth trying to overcome their disability and insecurities . Each album or exhibition of my projects will also touch upon the subject and the difficult fate of those suffering from all rheumatic diseases.


How can you help and support me?

I am currently looking for people and sponsors who are willing to help me but at the same time to engage in the project.

I am looking for media organisations interested in social issues. Organisations who want to see more! I also  looking for sponsors who will be interested in engaging the project and helping me with PR. 

Currently I  can offer my sponsors & backers sponsored content on my  ever expanding social media network.

Media Patronage