The most important day
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How one photographer decided to capture
“The Most Important Day on This Planet”

I’ve been watching people for over 10 years. Their behaviors, emotions and habits. I have made over 400 reportages and wedding sessions throughout Europe. I am also a fashion photographer. I work with the largest modeling agencies in Milan and London.

I have exhibited and published in photovogue.it, art & business Gentelman and others… In 2017, my photography received first place in the prestigious Leica Street Photo competition. I live in London, but I work traveling around the world.

Piotr Sobik




I would like to examine, photograph and participate in weddings of different traditions and different cultures. 

Marriage in many cultures is a manifestation of financial status. I would like to examine this deepening difference in rich and poor countries. A wedding is also a manifestation of the social system and with an objective eye i would like to capture the treatment of both sexes in other than western societies. Let’s remember many marriages in the world are still arranged.

All the topics above would be posted then open for discussion on my social media platforms.


To photograph at least 12 weddings in one year


A Jewish wedding is a combination of biblical, historical, mystical, cultural and formal-legal themes. The customs of the Jewish wedding have sources both in legal regulations and spiritual premises.


I have been invited to a traditional Romanian wedding.
The wedding party starts in the late evening, guests after the wedding can go home, change into evening dresses and come to the first dance. Around midnight, the bride is kidnapped and the groom must guess who kidnapped her and pay the ransom. Throwing the bouquet, cutting the cake and showering the


Samba, fun, smiling and open- minded people. Brazil is a very ethnically diverse country. Village weddings are more traditional than those taking place in cities.Such a conglomeration of diverse traditions and cultures will make wedding unique.


Colombia has recently legalized polyamorous marriages, it is also another South American country that recognizes same-sex marriages. I want to explore how local society reacts to the different types of human relationships that arouse so much controversy in European culture.


Every Muslim wedding tells the story of the role of a woman in their culture. I want to capture how

women really feel out there and how do they describe their role in this world. An interesting fact is that women and men celebrate separately at a traditional Iranian wedding.


India has a fast growing economy but at the same time is battling with extreme poverty. I intend to devote more time to this region by participating in weddings from the poor to the rich. I want to capture how people really live in this diverse place.


A powerful economy, a rapidly growing country. I am very interested in how the Chinese take care of their traditions and culture at this pace of development. I would also like to reach people working in one of the factories of production equipment or clothes that we buy in Europe on a daily basis.

This will help me explore the whole range of this dynamic country.


The Muslim wedding in Pakistan lasts a week. Including a wedding ceremony and a wedding, there will be

many customs and traditions. However, Pakistani weddings look like they have connected all the weddings of the world: beautiful costumes, rich decorations, the most delicious dishes and big family reunions.

Balkan region

In Europe, I am interested in the Balkans most. How the constantly tense political situation in these countries affects the population and their normal everyday life will show us several weddings and their main heroes.

Uganda Tanzania Kenya

I would like to reach people from the Swahili tribe. Swahili people are mostly Muslims. Arranged marriages are still popular. In Kenya, bigamy weddings are still practiced today. Every tribal wedding is always a great and colorful event, or a holiday always celebrated otherwise.


As a distant country with wonderful culture and wonderful landscapes. Traditional Japanese weddings take place in the Shintoist rite. Personally the most appealing aspect are the costumes of brides which as worn as an expression of culture and tradition.

and other...


A few years ago I learned that I am suffering from a chronic autoimmune disease. This unhealthy disease is progressive and leads to disability. I learned that perhaps soon my movement and functioning will be significantly reduced.

Since then, I’ve been trying to make every day my MOST IMPORTANT DAY IN LIFE. I travel a lot capturing people in all aspects of life in all regions of the world.

At the same time I want to give hope and impulse to other sufferers that it is worth trying to overcome their disability and insecurities . Each album or exhibition of my projects will also touch upon the subject and the difficult fate of those suffering from all rheumatic diseases.



I am currently looking for people and sponsors who are willing to help me but at the same time to engage in the project.

I am looking for media organisations interested in social issues. Organisations who want to see more! I also  looking for sponsors who will be interested in engaging the project and helping me with PR. 

Currently I  can offer my sponsors & backers sponsored content on my  ever expanding social media network.

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